Change Password

Employees and students
- New passwords must be different from previous used passwords, consist of a minimum of 10 characters and must contain characters from three of the following four categories:
     • Upper case letters (A – Z)
     • Lower case letters (a – z)
     • Numbers (0 – 9)
     • Symbols (like !, $, #, %)
- In case of problems, contact the Central Service Helpdesk: or call +31 88 481 6666 and choose for other questions.
- After changing your password a confirmation mail will only to employees be sent to the emailaddress you used to sign up for SMS authentication. If you did not sign up for this, the confirmation mail will be sent to your HU emailaddress.

New students
-New students received their new password by email (sent to the e-mailaddress used in Studielink). Higher year students retain their current password (password used the previous year).
-If you have forgotten your password, click here or call the Central Service Desk (+31 88 481 6666).

Do you make use of HU-email, wireless network (Eduroam) and/or HU-Skype for companies on other devices? Then, it is essential that you have the change of your password
also on these devices.

These devices can be:
Home computer

Please note! If you forget to change your password on one of your devices, you run the risk that your account is blocked! This because the device still used the old password
If you have a laptop of the HU used and work at home, it's a good idea first to set up a VPN connection. So is the password on your laptop as well adjusted.